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In the original timeline, Mystique escaped Trask Industires after being experimented on. She then rescued Magneto from prison. Charles clawed his way back from depression after Erik came to visit him. Together, they recruited Jean Grey and Cyclops for Charles’ new school. Due to ideological differences, Charles and Erik split once again. Erik began recruiting for his new Brotherhood of Mutants, while Charles’ school prospered.


People will always try to control you. To this, I say, “Nay. I am beautiful, but unique. Like a tiger with spots or a leopard with stripes. It’s evolution. Love it, okay, compadre?”

Call me a rebel, but I have a cause. It’s called “completing an ensemble”. The greatest slaves to duty are slaves to fashion. They mocked me for wearing a helmet. They said capes were against the rules. They put me on notice for being “unfashionable” or “gauche”. Let me tell you something, gentle readers, “gauche” is French for “left”. It’s a compliment. It means you’ve left boring people who wear tweed indoors and who roll around in wheelchairs behind. I know French because after my time with the Nazis, I wandered Europe for a time sweeping floors and singing songs about castles. Cosette in the musical version of Les Miserables was based on me. That’s why she’s the only one who gets to be happy in the end, because that’s how I demand my life to be led.
But back to that time I fought a dinosaur…

p. 508, Vol. 6, The Autobiography of Magneto X, by Erik Lensherr

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The Pencee Scarecrows 

On April 30, 2009, Pencee McLane left with five of her closest friends on a camping trip. What occurred to Pencee and her friends that night has become a mystery for the ages.

It’s reported that the group arrived at their planned destination at 7 PM. The group made camp and spent the night drinking and having a good time. When Pencee awoke the following morning, all of the people in her group were gone.

Upon investigating the campsite, she found nothing out of the ordinary.

The SUV was still there.

The tents were still there. All of the group’s food and clothing was still in their respective tents.

Nothing had been disturbed.

She spent the next hour texting and calling her friends, but not one person responded. She even called their parents. Beginning to panic, Pencee called the police.

Authorities arrived on scene, but were just as confused as Pencee. No signs of struggle, no signs of other people.

The strangest thing to come out of the initial investigation was the discovery that the only footprints at the campsite were Pencee’s.

Bizarre, right?

It gets worse.

On May 1, 2010, the first body appeared.

Sara Paella was found in the middle of a field, right on the spot where the original group camped. As seen in the pictures above, her desiccated corpse was found tied to a rough crucifix with barbed wire. A stitched burlap sack was thrown over her head and a collar of barbed wire adorned her neck.

Police determined that the cause of death was strangulation with the barbed wire.

On May 1, 2011, the second body appeared. Kitty Sigmon was found crucified across the street from where Pencee was living at the time. The crucifix appeared in her neighbor’s backyard. Residents on the street all reported that the only thing they heard that night was a droning noise that sounded like a plane.

Pencee McLane relocated to a new city shortly after this occurred.

On May 1, 2012, the third body appeared. Melissa Green was found crucified and hung with barbed wire. Once again, the body appeared across the street from where Pencee McLane lived. This time in the front yard.

Pencee once again moved to a new city.

On May 1, 2013, the fourth body appeared. Willis Timmermen was found crucified in Pencee’s own front yard, his body in the same shape as the others.

May 1, 2014 will be here soon and the fifth member of the group still hasn’t been found.

I wonder where that scarecrow will appear…


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